My name is Tommy White and I like to cook. By trade I am a Network Administrator which has opened up many doors in my life. Currently I reside in Tennessee with my beautiful wife and 2 children. I love to cook because food is one of many gateways to happiness. Many times in life we rely on “comfort food” to relax, remember the good times or as a pick me up. As a child I remember my mother cooking the same dishes over and over each night after she would get home from working as a waitress at a local restaurant. Fast forward 40 years and I crave the simpler times when a dish such as Kraut & Weenies or Baked Spam can bring back forgotten times & childhood memories.

Being in the kitchen is relaxing to me. I love cooking food for others and seeing them enjoy it. At our house we host a lot of cookouts for friends & local emergency services which consists of everything from smoked hamburgers to pasta bowls. During the month of July I helped smoked, on average, 150 lbs of meat for the local emergency services community as a way of saying “thanks for all you do”.

Other than feeding everyone else we are somewhat of a normal family, meaning there are times when we eat out or cook straight from a box. I mean being in the south raises a lot of questions sometimes for others when I talk about frying up a spam sandwich for supper or fried bologna. Again that all falls back to comfort food from growing up where variety wasn’t an option.

I am pleased to offer my family many of the choices I didn’t have growing up. I love when my children ask questions or want to sample food being cooked at meal time. It’s creating memories which everyone should be doing. Just don’t ask my wife about the time I made eggplant lasagna…. ??

This site will be a host for recipes I find scattered across the web or ideas I have. The one thing I would like to point out is it’s real. This means I’m not spending hours getting out my camera gear to dress up food for some fancy photos like you see on other sites. I mean let’s be honest here, how depressing is it to see this gorgeous dish on another site only to make it yourself and wonder if you even cooked the same thing? You’ll get what I’m about to sit down and eat here at CulinaryEats. If it looks good to you then A+ for me. If it doesn’t but still tastes good then A+ for me again. Either way we’re both winning!

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